A proper system selection methodology

Morrison & Morrison's Consulting Team can help you address the common mistakes that lead to a poor system selection. It is important to apply key principles to the process, some of which are listed below:

Structured approach

The first step in selection of a new system is to adopt a structured approach to the process. The set of practices are presented to all the stakeholders within the enterprise before the system selection process begins. Everyone needs to understand the method of gathering requirements; invitation to tender; how potential vendors will be selected; the format of demonstrations and the process for selecting the vendor. Thus, each stakeholder is aware that the decision will be made on an objective and collective basis and this will always lead to a high level of co-operation within the process.

Focused demonstrations

Demonstrations by potential vendors must be relevant to the business. However, it is important to understand that there is considerable amount of preparation required by vendors to perform demonstrations that are specific to a business. Therefore, it is imperative that vendors are treated equally in requests for demonstrations and it is incumbent on the company [and the objective consultant assisting the company in the selection process] to identify sufficient demonstrations that will allow a proper decision to be made but will also ensure that vendors do not opt out of the selection process due to the extent of preparation required.

Objective decision process

Choosing which ERP to use is a complex decision that has significant economic consequences, thus it requires a multi-criterion approach. There are two key points to note when the major decision makers are agreeing on selection criteria that will be used in evaluating potential vendors. Firstly, the criteria and the scoring system must be agreed in advance prior to viewing any potential systems. The criteria must be wide-ranging and decided upon by as many objective people as possible within and external to the enterprise.

Full involvement by all personnel

The decision on the system must be made by all stakeholders within the enterprise. It requires top management leadership and participation. It involves virtually every department within the company. Representatives of all users should:
  • Be involved in the project initiation phase where the decision making process is agreed;
  • Assist in the gathering of requirements;
  • Attend the Vendor Demonstrations;
  • Have a significant participation in the short-listing and final selection of a vendor.

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