Financial Management Solutions & Cloud Accounting Software

Financial Management Solutions & Cloud Accounting Software

We recognize that upgrading and changing your accounting solution can be a time consuming, expensive and painful process. Although this is something you do every few years or perhaps once a decade, we provide these services every day. Our experience allows us to share what is possible and help you navigate around the landmines. We help to make this process as smooth as possible.

Morrison & Morrison's Consulting Team is comprised of CPAs and certified consultants who specialize in designing, implementing and supporting today's leading-edge multi-tenant SaaS, private cloud and on-premise Accounting (ERP).

Our team has decades of consulting experience and industry specific knowledge assisting clients with the selection, implementation and ongoing support of their core financial, multi-entity and global consolidation, project, and non-profit accounting solutions.

In today's fast paced and data driven environment, accounting and finance teams being asked to enhance operational process efficiencies and provide near real time metrics to support management reporting and compliance requirements. Often the state of the current accounting solution does not have the capability to meet these requirements which forces the accounting team to spend the majority of their time collecting data rather than analyzing it.

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